What Acupuncture Can Do for You

What Acupuncture Can Do for You

Acupuncture is an ancient practice, having been used for more than 2,000 years. It’s not a miracle, but it is often a solution for difficult-to-treat problems. 

At Osteopathic Center for Healing, our licensed medical acupuncturist, Neil Spiegel, DO, brings his depth of knowledge as a medical practitioner to bear during acupuncture treatments. 

Most of our patients report not feeling anything as the needles are inserted, and many tell us they experience a feeling of euphoria following an acupuncture session. 

What’s involved in acupuncture

When you have acupuncture, Dr. Spiegel inserts extremely fine needles, about the thickness of a single hair, precisely into particular points on your body. The needles change the energy patterns in your body. 

Once he inserts the needles, Dr. Spiegel may move them in certain ways, add heat, or add a very mild electrical current or pulses to stimulate the energy. You simply relax. 

When we recommend acupuncture

Acupuncture can be used to treat numerous conditions that are sometimes difficult to treat. For example, acupuncture is often a successful approach in treating the pain associated with fibromyalgia. 

Other conditions that may respond to acupuncture include: 

Another area where acupuncture is often successful is in helping patients reduce their stress levels. If you live with chronic stress, you may be experiencing physical symptoms and disorders. Acupuncture may help you lower your overall stress. 

Finally, acupuncture may be used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Acupuncture is very low risk, especially when it’s performed by someone highly skilled and trained such as Dr. Spiegel. 

What an acupuncture treatment is like

Before recommending acupuncture, Dr. Spiegel or our certified physician’s assistant, Jennifer Gularson, PA-C, performs an exam to determine your underlying issue. When you arrive for your appointment, you can expect a quick physical exam. 

Depending on where Dr. Spiegel needs to insert the needles, we may ask you to wear a gown, cover yourself with a sheet, or simply wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

Most treatments require 5-20 needles, which usually remain inserted for 10-30 minutes. People usually feel very relaxed or even euphoric following an acupuncture treatment. 

Additional benefits of acupuncture

As we mentioned earlier, acupuncture is very low-risk, so you don’t need to worry about side effects or complications. It’s something you can try, and if you don’t think that it’s helpful or you find it uncomfortable, you can stop. 

You may discover that acupuncture affects your energy levels positively over time. Unlike pharmaceutical pain relief treatments, acupuncture is not addictive. 

Are you ready to learn more? 

If you have questions or you wonder if acupuncture might be appropriate for you, schedule an appointment at our Rockville, Maryland, center to discuss it with our staff. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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