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Physical Therapy Specialist

Osteopathic Center for Healing

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians located in Rockville, MD

Phyiscal Therapy


Have you lost a level of mobility? Does pain keep you from doing the activities you love?

Are you considering surgery because you think you have no other options?

We set ourselves apart by treating and assessing the whole person in order to identify the root cause such as underlying pain/movement patterns. We specialize in manual therapy and restorative exercises to address chronic pain and faulty movement patterns. 

Our plans typically include the prescription of corrective exercises, manual therapy, patient education, ergonomic assessment, custom orthotics and other interventions.

Together we can make strides towards your goals.

Contact us with any questions:

Manny Kim - https://kintegrativept.com/ - 773/655-6774

Louise Kelley – Kelley Physical Therapy – 240/401-0429 or email: louise@kelleypt.com

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