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The Osteopathic Center for Healing was established in 2000. Dr. Neil Spiegel, founder and head of OCH has been practicing Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine in the DC area for more than 20 years. OCH offers a full spectrum of patient services with an emphasis on individual, whole body healing and a healthy lifestyle.

The Center employs highly trained individuals that have expertise in their fields and are licensed and credentialed by the appropriate state agencies. We utilize a combination of traditional, alternative and complimentary methods to assist and support our patients on their healing path.

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Quality of Life

Our goal is to create a healing environment from the very first person you speak with to the Physician that partners with you in the healing process. All factors that could influence your injury, illness or disease are taken in to account – including mind, body and spirit.

We take the approach that all patients are individuals with different needs, concerns and ideas about how they would like to approach their treatment and overall health. There are multiple methods and ways to treat a condition and any one of them or a combination can create a positive healing process.

We develop an individualized healing path for each patient to best address the condition and meet personal needs and preferences. We believe that the least invasive method should always be attempted first.

The core principle of our treatment strategy is to first restore physiologic motion whenever possible. In addition we aim to enhance and restore functional ability with return to work, sport or an active life style therefore improving ones quality of life. Our ultimate goal is to add quality to your years.




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Monday thru Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm
Lunch Break 12:00pm to 1:00pm

3200 Tower Oaks Blvd Suite 430
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